Vitaq AI is a model-based test automation tool that uses AI machine learning algorithms to auto-generate tests.

It creates the tests themselves from a Test Activity (model)  and integrates with Selenium and Appium to execute those tests.

AI based test automation tool

Vitaq is an AI-powered test automation tool
that works on top of Selenium and Appium.  

It uses AI and analytics to expand automation beyond test execution.

Vitaq has been developed to increase UI and API test productivity for expert Automation Engineers. Yet is easy enough for everyday testers to start automating right away.

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        AI-driven, Coverage-led | Continuous autonomous testing with JavaScript, Python or Low Code






Vitaq AI demo 

Demonstration of Vitaq AI continous testing using Selenium and Appium


Our Business

How we got into App Test Automation

We started 10 years ago in the UK, automating safety and mission critical software testing in Automotive and Electronic Systems. Working intensively with market leaders like Renesas (the NEC, Hitachi & Mitsubishi semiconductor company), AVL, Xilinx, Ericsson, WMG, Cisco, Altran and many others.

Our Vitaq Test Automation tool was voted innovation of the year and then software product of the year in 2016.

It was this level of recognition that got us noticed by King, the developers of Candy Crush, who challenged us to help automate the testing of some highly sophisticated apps.  We instantly recognised the huge opportunity for our patented innovation. Building on the open standard frameworks, Selenium and Appium, we pivoted our development focus to web and mobile app testing leading to the launch of Vitaq AI in 2020.


model based AI based test automation
User-journey driven testing
Auto-generate test data using test automation
Data-driven testing

What our AI Test Automation tool does

Our innovative approach uses a digital twin test activity diagram which captures the actions and transitions which describes how to test an application. When it runs, it uses AI machine learning to choose what test actions it needs. It builds the automated tests from action scripts and executes them on Selenium or Appium.

This divide and conquer continuous testing approach to test automation provides for much easier test case maintenance. The built-in reuse of test action scripts drives up productivity by reducing the number of test scripts you need to create to cover your test space. Even a small test activity in Vitaq AI will auto-generate thousands of diverse and highly effective tests.

All the time Vitaq is running it will monitor, measure and analyse the increase in your  use-case and user-journey QA coverage. Vitaq is AI-driven and coverage-led to reduce your software delivery time.

model based AI based data-driven test automation tool
AI-driven to complete your user journeys
QA and User Journey Coverage metrics
Can’t measure it, can’t manage it




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