Independent Vitaq Evaluation By Ajay Lunia, Selenium Webdriverio Test Automation expert from India

Independent Vitaq Evaluation By Ajay Lunia, Selenium Webdriverio Test Automation expert from India

Brief introduction to Ajay Lunia (Independent QA Test Automation engineer with expert knowledge of Selenium, webdriverio and JavaScript):

I started in Software/IT Industry in Delhi, India over 6 years ago from now. I entered in the IT industry originally to be a Java Developer because this language was in high demand. It was the default language used in my college course curriculum.

But as I gained experience, the business requirements drove me to develop my QA testing profile. My learning focused more on the testing side and I eventually became a QA Engineer. I have worked on several data migration projects and tried my hands at Manual Testing. Finally, I decided to move into Automation Testing because I quickly realized this is where I could add the most value. I realised that my QA skills could help significantly increase the productivity of the projects I worked on.

Selenium, JavaScript and Webdriverio

Of course I chose Selenium (as millions of others have) for my web testing needs as an Automation Tool. It is by far and away the most popular test framework. Over time it has become very robust and extremely well supported throughout the test industry. So I am confident I made the right choice. It has all the benefits of being open source and doesn’t lock-in a user to poorly supported proprietary scripting languages. I also decided to learn JavaScript (the language of the web) thoroughly and started doing Automation with it. I felt really amazed about the topics, tools, and the webdriverIO automation libraries. This quickly helped me come to the understanding that a lot of manual things can now be Automated. Making them repeatable, reliable and systematic.

I felt really good about this topic and the subject. So I tried my best to explore new interesting tools as much as I could. At the same time, I was interested in learning about new domains encountered during the job I was doing for companies. Till now I got the opportunity to work in various domains such as US-HealthCare, Gaming, Logistics, Smart Locks, BFSI & Lifesciences.

Learning and performing automation by gathering knowledge on new domains was at first a little challenging to me. But somehow I managed both, as I am an avid learner. So I decided to learn new domains and in parallel, I tried to Automate regular tasks which I used to do manually.

In the beginning, I started with front end web-application Automation using Selenium and then extended this capability using API Testing using Postman. Then I extended this again to Performance testing, for that I used J-meter. I also got to work with CI/CD tools and for that I worked on Jenkins a lot.

My evaluation of Vitaq AI as the new AI Test Automation Tool.

Frankly speaking I have never expecting this type of tool in the current market.

I found it very intuitive to instantiate my required Test Actions and then connect them with each other to create a user jorney model of my test space. The tool is simply amazing and I found it so very easy to work with.

AI Test Automation

I love the concept of defining my User Journeys (User Sequences) that I care about as test goals. These goals targets are then used by the Test Automation AI to achieve my Test Automation Goals. This is a very powerful feature and lets me use the power of my computer to give me excellent test results, that I would normally have had to run and explore manually over a long period of time to achieve similar results.

Measuring QA testing progress

The QA coverage dashboard is easy to understand. It is fast to identify how much percentage (%) of my user journeys have been ‘covered’ and gives a great sense of understanding for where we are in our testing towards achieving the Test Automation Goals.

The simplicity to use the Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool makes it a tool which will be liked by everyone from QA tester, to development tester and even project managers. By deploying the power of advanced AI Machine Learning algorithms I could get much more done in much less time and Vitaq can definitely help to find defects and bugs which other approaches miss.

I have rated this tool 10/10 by looking at the needs for this type of tool  in the Test Automation Market and thoroughly recommend you to evaluate this AI Testing tool for yourself.