Why Vitaq AI & why now?

Why Vitaq AI & why now?

Vitaq AI Test Automation is equipped with artificial intelligence machine learning. This helps to identify the tests needed to cover your test space, then build and run them automatically. All under full user control. You can use Vitaq to test any app or website on any target platform. It uses a coverage model (defined by the user) as the goal to achieve 100% QA coverage. 

User Journey coverage in automated AI testing

In my several years as a QA test engineer I have spent all my time designing tests, writing scripts and continuously editing those test scripts. Then working my environment setup, creating test data and looking at test results. Finally cycling through test debug whilst trying to work out what other tests to run. Until I came across Vitaq AI, I thought my job was automated testing. In reality I was stuck with all of my colleagues just automating test execution. Now with Vitaq AI I can extend test automation to actually auto generate tests and select which tests to run. All driven by the intelligence of machine learning.

The reasons to adopt Vitaq AI Test Automation.

1) It extends your test automation from just automating your test execution to auto generating test. It can take your huge test space and use AI to focus on the things that you as a tester care about.

2) Vitaq works on top of Selenium (https://www.selenium.dev/) and Appium (http://appium.io/). It uses the same JavaScript Mocha (or other) Framework code as you are used to.  Making it very ease to create a Vitaq AI Test Activity model by re-using all of your current test framework JS code.

3) Vitaq AI delivers a continuous and automated approach to software testing. It improves business outcomes by aligning with what customers want and provide digital confidence.

Advantages of using Vitaq AI :-

Vitaq AI delivers the following benefits:-

1) Productivity.

2) Efficiency and Effectiveness.

3) Reducing Risks.

Let’s discuss these three characteristics in more details :-

1) How Vitaq AI helps to improving productivity :-

It helps to improve productivity because you are able to capture your complete test space with a graphical visual model. Which is your Vitaq AI Test Activity diagram.

This graphical test model, helps to drive the business logic of testing out into the open for all of the project contributors to see. It helps to improve communication between your managers, developers, dev testers and QA testers.

By releasing the power of AI machine learning to “explore” your Test Activity Diagram (model of your test space). Vitaq AI will auto generate tests. All of these test action scripts can be be enhanced with highly variable auto-generated test data to give you data-driven tests. 

There is no limit to the number of Vitaq AI runs you set-off in parallel. By extending your automation productivity beyond just test execution, you are using the power of AI to meet your customers needs in the shortest possible time.

2) How Vitaq AI helps to improving efficiency and effectiveness:-

The Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool helps you utilize Selenium and Appium test scripts. You may have already written these for Mocha or other test frameworks. Vitaq efficiently enables you to make them data-driven and reusable across the test space.

Now the user is able to complete their testing by leading with QA Coverage. The user journey coverage capability is a unique way of monitoring, measuring and analyzing your user journey test coverage. It becomes the very goals that the AI machine learning algorithms of Vitaq effectively uses to auto-generate your tests.

3) How Vitaq AI Helps in Reducing Risks :-

Vitaq AI uses the power of variability which auto-generate tests that quite often are not created in conventional frameworks like Mocha. So it will auto-generate tests that QA testers may well have missed. This helps find defects the other approaches miss. Vitaq will know that you have covered all of the user-journeys that you care about, which helps to reducing risk.

Additionally it can be run continuously to ‘explore’ in your test space to find corner cases that may escape into production. You can leave Vitaq AI running continuously utilising your spare compute resource 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will reduce your risks by helping to find more bugs earlier and make sure they get fixed before delivering your software build to clients or stake holders.

In summary Vitaq AI can help take your Test Automation to the next level. If you want to release the power of AI machine-learning combined with your QA testing skills, then the Vitaq AI-driven, coverage-led, auto-generated tests will make your testing life easier.