11. Creating Visual Coded (no-code) Test Scripts in Scriptworks

11.1. Introduction

For non-coders the most productive way to work with Vitaq through Selenium and Appium for web and mobile app testing is to use the power of Visual Programming in Scriptworks. This includes a very powerful AI enabled smart selector strategy to help remove the pain of brittle selectors. Scriptworks also has a very helpful ‘selector inspector’ tool, to identify the robust selector strategies and also check that they work effectively.

All features of Scriptworks can be found in their helpdocs here: https://www.scriptworks.io/resources/?resource-type=helpdocs

TIP If you are having issues getting your Scriptworks visual functions to run in Vitaq AI please follow this advice. When Functions created in Scriptworks do not get executed in Vitaq AI, you should follow the following debug process. Find the FunctionsCode.js file in the directory that you are running your scriptworks-vitaq-client.js from. The FunctionsCode.js contains all of the JavaScript code pulled from Scriptworks. Load this into your IDE and check it for syntax errors. If a Function in this code has a syntax error, it wil not be executed on Node by Vitaq.