1. Vitaq Test Activity diagramsΒΆ

Vitaq AI is a Test Automation tool that uses machine learning to auto-generate tests for websites, mobile apps and software systems. It is proven to help testers more effectively find defects and improve efficency to maximize coverage.

This highly visual approach of describing test scenarios as test activity diagrams makes it easier to develop and automate the generation of intelligent tests for dynamically generated content in websites and mobile apps. Each action in the diagram contains a test script which can be created with JavaScript, Python or Visual Scriptworks scripts (or a mixture of any one of these). Instead of just automating the execution of manually written tests, Vitaq auto-generates highly variable data driven tests from the test activity diagram and its associated test action scripts.

Vitaq Test Actions typically represent web pages or app screens and the test scripts in these actions implements what the user can do, such as click a button or enter some data. The test data and sequences of actions are auto-generated by Vitaq to efficiently fill the test space.

Vitaq AI works with the test automation industries most popular open source platforms such as Appium and Selenium. Users can script UI, functional, exploratory, performance, security and API tests

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (explained in Vitaq AI) to create tests helps QA and Dev testers to cover more user journeys and deploy end-to-end data driven test cases that help to find defects that other approaches miss.