2. Why use Vitaq AI for software testing?

Most Test Automation tools only provide users with the capability to ‘automate’ the running of manually written test scripts. Vitaq AI makes creating tests much easier. It supports the two most popular modern scripting languages of javaScript and Python and the industry leading visual coding tool, Scriptworks.

With this auto-generation of tests from a user-defined data driven test activity diagram, Vitaq can automate your exploratory testing. By runing different seeds, Vitaq will auto-generate different scenarios of tests with different test data. By setting Vitaq running with a large range of seed values, Vitaq can continuously test your application to ‘explore’ the test space in ways that manually written ‘directed’ tests would not.

Vitaq AI can also automate the creation of software tests using AI machine learning algorithms by traversing the possible user journeys in the Test Activity diagram. Even a simple Vitaq test activity diagram can auto-generate millions of effective tests.

The machine learning is QA coverage-led to help deliver the optimal set of tests to achieve maximum user-journey coverage. Vitaq monitors, measures and analyses test coverage into its integrated coverage database and viewer. When operated in continuous automation, Vitaq will help maximise the variability of ‘use-case’ or ‘user-journey’ tests to explore the functional feature-based test space of your software under test.

Vitaq improves test productivity for users by auto-generating more effective tests that find defects that other approaches miss and delivers an optimal set of tests for your target user-journeys and use-cases.

This unique approach is the most efficient way of testing the dynamically created content of web pages and mobile app screens and complete intelligent end-to-end tests using a mixture of UI and API test actions in your Vitaq Test Activity diagram.