Getting started with Vitaq AI, Selenium and JavaScript

  • Testing a digital bank with a digital twin
    The approach of developing a digital twin has delivered major productivity improvements for industrial digitalisation over the last decade. The results are clear to see in high performance motor sport. […]
  • Edge test cases using the power of variability
        The power of variability in Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool is the secret sauce that delivers edge test cases. It’s what makes a Test Activity model automatically generate […]
  • Page Object Model with AI Test Automation
    Page Object Model The Page Object Model, short hand POM, is a design pattern which has become very popular with QA and dev testers. Writing your tests using POM will […]
  • Vitaq AI Test Automation logging
    The Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool helps you to debug your Test Activity Diagrams. When your test run shows failures in User Journeys or Use Case Sequences, the two main […]
  • Turbo charged JavaScript Testing framework
    AI-powered JavaScript testing framework Vitaq AI turbo charges your JavaScript testing framework by working on top of platforms like Selenium and Appium. It supports JavaScript, Python, visual coding tools like […]
  • Eggplant AI Testing vs Vitaq AI
    Comparison to Eggplant AI testing So you like the look of Eggplant AI testing and its new incarnation DAI. Well Vitaq existed way before Eggplant AI.  It wasn’t built with […]
  • Automated GUI Regression Testing Using AI Planning in Docker
    Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool does automated GUI Regression Testing Using AI Planning and can be downloaded as a Docker Image. In order to run Vitaq in a Docker container, you […]
  • Model Based Testing vs traditional testing
    Standard tests using Mocha Before moving to the Model Based Testing approach Vitaq AI Test Automation. We first need to look at how we would use one of the conventional […]
  • How to map requirements to test cases in jira
    Test planning Want to know how to map requirements to test cases in jira? Before we jump into showing you all these “new new” AI-driven continuous test automation things in […]
  • QA Test Coverage driven automation
    Goal driven test automation Vitaq AI Test Automation provides users with the ability to monitor and measure user journey coverage. The user defines the sequences of test actions that make-up […]
  • About
    We will be using the selenium automation testing e-commerce web application site. This evaluation will walk you through how to apply the Vitaq AI Selenium test tool for UI […]
  • Why Vitaq AI & why now?
    Vitaq AI Test Automation is equipped with artificial intelligence machine learning. This helps to identify the tests needed to cover your test space, then build and run them automatically. All […]